"I spent the three weeks thinking that you'd be so mad at me if you found out why I left, but then I realised that I shouldn't be choosing my mom over you." - Indie to Abdul
Abdie is the longstanding friendship of Indie Foy and Abdul Abboud. The two have been friends since they were seven, when Abdul met Indie while trick or treating and they grew up on the same street as each other's best friends. Since then, they have both developed an outsider friendship, which used to include two other friends, and now (sort of) includes Cordelia Buccho. Indie and Abdul constantly mock the majority of teenagers at their school who go out and get drunk at parties, yet Indie seems to be a fan of doing that herself (ironically, though). Abdul seems to just go along with whatever Indie wants, and when she randomly disappears after kissing Abdul at a party in a game of spin the bottle, Abdul gets extremely angry at her, thinking she didn't care about him enough to tell him where she was. Cordelia tries to get Abdul to help her find Indie, and Abdul reveals his anger at Indie. When Indie returns however, she says she didn't say where she was going because she found her mom and didn't want Abdul to tell her not to go. Abdul told her that he wouldn't have tried to interfere with Indie seeing her family. Indie and Abdul eventually reconcile, even though Abdul says she's still in his bad books.
Name Synopsis
pumped up kicks Indie and Abdul mouth off about the crappy quality tofu from the school cafeteria, and make plans to hang out together.
the d is silent Indie and Abdul are supposed to be babysitting Indie's younger sister, but instead take the opportunity to play drunk poker after Izzy goes to sleep.
just mouth off about the world Indie pays Abdul a visit at work, and Abdul is a terrible employee.
smash it Abdul calls Indie out of class to show her a surprise and they chat for a bit in the girls' bathroom.
i'm just a teenage dirtbag Indie convinced Abdul to go to a party with him, and they get a bit drunk and play spin the bottle.
hard as i try, i know i can't quit Cordelia decides to talk to Abdul after Indie leaves him alone at school.
do you want to build a snowman? Cordelia tries to find out where Indie disappeared to, and Abdul is not happy.
aww they were featured Indie mysteriously reappears and tells Abdul where she was all this time.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Both Indie and Abdul only have sisters.
  • In January, 2014, an exchange between them was the featured quote.

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