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Alaska Hazel Margo Lindsey Miller
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General Information
Gender: How can I look like a guy to you?
Aliases: Alaska is fine.
Birthday: February 10
Age: 17
Hair color: Reddish brown
Eye color: Green
Height: I'm not that tall.
Weight: Isn't that a little bit personal?
Occupation(s): Student
Address: 49 Green Avenue, Barfield
Family & Friends
Family: Farrah Miller (mom), Jack Miller (dad), Gail Miller (adoptive sister)
Friends: I have some friends.
Relationships: I used to have a boyfriend. He was an a**hole, so I dumped him.
Enemies: A lot of people hate me.
Other Information
Interests: If I told you, you'd most probably rat me out to my parents.
Education: Barfield Community College
Talent: Gymnastics, Dancing
Weaknesses: No.
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Debby Ryan
Portrayer: Sunnysmile16

Down the Rabbit Hole
What? You didn't expect me to put on one of her white dresses and wait for you, did you?

 Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?

Hola. Name's Alaska, Alaska Miller. If you happen to pass by me, and you see two older people with me. Its better you keep your mouth shut.


  • Hair Color: Reddish brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Trademark: I don't know my trademark to be honest.

Lets say, I like trying to dress up like a hipster. Like the beanie and the glasses, yep.


Farrah Miller

Mom is cool.

Jack Miller

He's my dad, he's pretty cool.

Gail Miller

Gail is my younger sister, she's adopted. Like she came from Korea and she's pretty cool.


I was born in a country, we moved here when I turned three. They adopted Gail, when I was 9. I grew up, I went to school. YAYYY.


I'm pretty hardcore. I'm fun to be with, I can be kind of reckless, I love noise. So let's say I'm a party person, I'm also kind of the bad girl type as my mom says. I'm not exactly innocent.


Ethan Stone

E's pretty cool. I hang out with him a lot, since he's pretty close to my parents and he's kind of like my best friend. So basically if I have a party to attend, I need him around.

Blake Campbell

Blake's also pretty cool. Like whenever I do something that I shouldn't of done, he would probably be all Superman-ish and bring me home.


  • I'm more comfortable with dudes than girls.
  • I read.