"I guess me spending most of my time with you makes me sound like you or something."
-Alice to Riley
Alley (Alice/Riley) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Alice Chang and Riley Kane. Riley and Alice met when they bumped into each other while he was listening to some music and Riley dropped some papers. She noticed that he was playing The Cab. They started screaming for a bit, and it caused Riley to throw his iPod into an old lady's car and to punch a wall and mess up his hand. After Alice helped him prevent an infection, it became the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Over a period of time, Riley grew more comfortable around Alice and vice versa, and their personalities started to rub off on one another (Riley being a bit nicer at times; Alice being more rebellious and mischievous). Alice told a friend that she has a crush on Riley, and it is hinted that he reciprocates those feelings as well. Their relationship is truly one of a kind.
Name Synopsis
i don't care if heaven won't take me back Riley and Alice meet, and Riley has a crazy attack. Alice helps him, and it starts up their friendship.
thy iz bored Riley and Alice have a talk about Riley's homelife, Alice's friends, and she ends up helping him move to his uncle's house.
i hope he's wrong Riley and Alice discuss school plans, which reveals that they'll be at the same school in the upcoming school year.
no regrets Riley and Alice spend the day together pranking her aunt, vandalizing, and having lunch together.
you're not like the others Riley and Alice talk about his suspension, their friendship, and other current events. They also reveal a little about what they mean to one another in this moment.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Neither live with their parents (Riley's are dead; Alice's live in South Korea).
    • Both live with another relative because of their circumstances (Alice lives with her aunt; Riley lives with his uncle.)
  • They both like The Cab.
  • Riley has met and ended up disliking two of Alice's friends/acquaintances shortly after she's met and befriended them (Nora and Dmitri).

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in October 2013!

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