No interaction Alyanna Hayes is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: I love you bby, but you were boring. But you got what I was aiming for this whole time. <3 If you want to know what happened see here

Alyanna Hayes
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: June 25, 1997
Education: Lebeaux Middle School
Occupation: Student, blogger
Address: 60 Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach
Relationships: In a relationship.
Housemates: Zeke Watson, Lara Watson
Face claim: Jessica JungLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Sunnysmile16

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  • snsd ruined my life

    17 replies
    • {{Steph|Well, uh, my parents are dead so yeah. I'm sure you'll dad will find a girl.. eventually.}}
    • {{Elaine|Well, I'm trying that right now.}}
  • going to war

    2 replies
    • //Zeke runs in Aly's room wearing a clip-on tie. {{Zeke|Do I look alright? Rate it from 1 to 10, 1 being "omfg zeke you look hawt&qu...
    • //Aly sees he's wearing a clip-on and makes a face. {{Steph|20, definitely 20.}} //Aly stands up and yanks the clip-on away, gets a r...

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