In pogress




    December 1996 (Miduna Beach)

    • Amanda is born & named Amanda Maxwell.

    November 2001 (Miduna Beach)

    • Amanda started to learn how to write.

    July 2005 (Miduna Beach)

    • Amanda's dad got a promotion to be a docter in barfield and now moved to Barfield.
    • Amanda's dad got remarried when her mom died and now she got mean step-sisters.

    October 2006 (Barfield)

    • Amanda started to love the love music.
    • Amanda started to go Barfield elementry school.
    • Amanda started to have a friend named Elizabeth Tate.

    March 2010 (Barfield)

    • Amanda started to make up her own song.

    January 2013 (Barfield)

    • Amanda started to have a crush on a person named Anthony.
    • Amanda got her first phototoshoot.

    April 2013 (Barfield)

    • Amanda sang her first song.
    • Amanda got her second photoshoot for her song.
    • Amanda started to find ideas for her next song.

    Febuary 2014 (Barfield)

    • Amanda made her 8th song.
    • Amanda was the best singer in Choir.
    • Amanda made her 5th photoshoot.

    October 2014 (Barfield)

    • Amanda made her first album.
    • Amanda worked at "La belle" for all of October

    May 2015 (Barfield)

    • Amanda had prom and won Prom queen.

    June 22 (Barfield)

    • Amanda sang at a birthday party.

    July 1 (Barfield)

    • Amanda sang at her concert.

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