Anderburn (Ander/son and Black/burn) is the romantic pairing of Britt Anderson and Toby Blackburn. They first met when Britt accidentally spilled iced tea on Toby. Since then, Toby developed a crush on her and it has been hinted that she might return the feelings.
Name Synopsis
lawl my twins are bored Toby and Britt first meet when Britt accidentally spills ice tea on him. Toby starts developing a small crush on Britt, I think.
i ship this unnamed britt/toby pairing so hard Britt meets Toby at Benny's Cafe, where he works. They chat for a short time. Britt hugs Toby in this RP.
anderburn is kinda dying Britt calls Toby and invites him to eat Chinese food with her.
i think we deserve some closure Since Britt moved to Canada with her family, Britt decides to long-distance call Toby. Toby admits to Britt that he had a crush on her. Britt also admits that she had a "little crush" on Toby also.
anderburn is back yay Britt returns to Barfield from Canada. She chats to Toby for a while.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

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