No interaction Anisha Corvello is inactive but is up for adoption.

Portrayer's note: my profile pretty much explains it. she's still a student here and if you want to you're welcome to adopt her.

Anisha Corvello
Anisha 2
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: February 3, 1997
Education: Barfield High School
Occupation: Student
Address: 17 Pine Street, Barfield
Relationships: None
Housemates: Mother and father.
Face claim: Emily RuddPortrayer: ArianaGrandeForever

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  • uptown funk you up

    10 replies
    • @BunnyC ArianaGrandeForever isn't roleplaying on this wiki for the time being. :) She left a message on her profile announcing her departure.
    • Oh thanks for telling me :)
  • racing with destiny

    3 replies
    • {{anisha|Look where you're going.}}
    • {{SydWB|I don't take orders from anyone.}} //CK stays silent//

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