Barfield is a CBD area, which features a majority of businesses and more sophisticated residential areas.

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Street Type Locations on Street
Aspen Street Residential N/A
Benson Street Combination

Barfield Elementary School
Kapoor's Bhojan
Rachel's Closet

Cinder Flats Avenue Combination Harrington Grammar School
Flynn Street Combination Barfield Bookstore
Barfield Skating Rink
Honeymoon Avenue
Ryan's Sports Equipment
Gilders Road Combination Barfield Auto
Green Avenue Combination Barfield Mall
Club Zoo
Hobby Lobby
Kelmscot Court Residential N/A
Main Street Combination Barfield Cafe
Barfield Local Library
Barfield Supermarket
La Belle
Mount Eden Street Residential N/A
Pine Street Residential N/A
Portland Street Residential Barfield Sportcenter
Road Street Residential N/A
Russo Street Residential N/A
Sebastian Street Commercial Barfield High School
Vienna Drive Combination Barfield Institute of Science and Technology
West Street Residential N/A
Willow Avenue Commercial Barfield Community Center
Barfield Community College


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