Barfield High School

Barfield High School is a public high school (grades 7-10) located in Barfield. The school offers a diverse range of subjects and extra-curricular activities for all of their students.
Barfield high school
Students School Policies Staff
  • The official school colors are navy blue and white.
  • The school mascot is the Barfield High _________.
  • Alcohol, drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden from campus. 
  • Students are encouraged to take up extra-curricular activities.


Vice Principal

School Counsellor


School Motto
Sports Teams Clubs & Activities
  • Archery (M/F): 
  • Basketball (F):
  • Basketball (M):
  • Cheerleading (M/F):
  • Dance (M/F):
  • Football (M):
  • Hockey (F):
  • Hockey (M): 
  • Lacrosse (M):
  • Soccer (F):
  • Soccer (M):
  • Swimming (M/F):
  • Tennis (M/F)
  • Track & Field:
  • Volleyball (F):
  • Art Club: 
  • Band: 
  • Chess:
  • Choir:
  • Debating:
  • Drama: 
  • LGBT+
  • School Newspaper
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook

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