Barfield Mall
Mall of barfield
Barfield Mall was built in the mid 1990s, and has since expanded to be 3 stories high, with over 200 stores inside. Inside the mall you can find everything from a farmers' market, to a movie cinema and even an optometrist. The mall is the biggest shopping center in the region, only rivaled by Lebeaux Shopping Center, which is more exclusive than Barfield Mall. The food court, cinema and fitness center are open everyday (with some exceptions), and during holidays, a number of attractions such as facepainting and musical performances can be found in the main plaza of the mall.


Store Store Type Employees
Broken Records Music store Beatrice Mason
Gabby's Salon Salon Nadia Rey
McDonald's Fast Food Chain Misti Maple
Regal Cinema Movie cinema Nathan Roberts
Alice Wei
Target Clothes Store Jaya Prasanna
Mitsu Yoshida
The Body Shop Soap and body care store Georgia Russet

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