Holly: Wow. I used to have this little crush on you too. /pause/ Wait, forget I said that.
Rory: Oh no, no. I'm not forgetting that. A crush, huh?
Bascalera is the romantic and also somewhat friendly pairing of Rory Bales and Holly Escalera. Although they technically first met a few years ago when Rory was one of Holly's favourite teachers (who she had a crush on, no less) but they both seemed to forget this when they met again, later justified as they really didn't think they were speaking to the same people because they weren't expecting it. They later met again while staying back late to work when Holly decided to strike up a conversation with him to keep herself occupied. The two of them had a lot in common and got along well enough to decide to go get dinner together.

Since then, they've become closer, and although they won't admit it to each other, they've admitted to their friends that they like the other one as something other than a friend. Holly's friend Brooke has offered a few times to step in and help Holly flirt with him after she kept being awkward but basically, all they do is just be awkward with each other. Currently, they're still just friends because they're both too awkward to ask the other out but chances are they'll probably end up married in the future.

Name Synopsis
hoodie still smells of a beach bonfire Holly and Rory meet after work and get to know each other. Holly later invites Rory out to dinner.
it's been waiting for you Holly has encountered a broken leg at some point and drops her crutches before getting Rory to help her and explaining what happened to her.
waiting for the lights and the thunder Rory and Holly talk and Holly asks him about his past jobs and finds out that he was a history teacher at her old high school. And she had a crush on him. And she's really awkward about it.
he's beauty, he's grace, he is lee pace After Rory basically got hit my some madwoman in a car and then asked to lunch, Holly goes to talk to him and basically assumes that Rory had a date and he's like nah and she's like "oh well we can just have our own date on Sunday"
easy like sunday morning Rory and Holly's plans to have a picnic on Sunday are almost foiled by terrible weather, but then Holly invites Rory over instead and they hang out and cook a meal together and it's cute.
try to picture me without you but i can't Holly stops Rory before his lunch break to finally ask him out on a date (sort of) and he's like yeah sure and then invites her to lunch with him and she's like yeah.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Holly probably has a thing for older guys, seeing as her last boyfriend was four and a half years older than her and Rory is seven and a half years older.
  • Rory once worked in the same place as Holly's dad when they were teachers at Miduna Beach High School.

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