Blackwood Home for Teens
Blackwood Home for Teens is a boarding house in Blackwood Mountain for teenagers who are unable to live at home. Lately, it has become a sort of correctional center for teenagers having issues with drugs and alcohol, so some of the staff members are experts in helping teens get over the addictions.

Originally, the home was built to be a dorm building for a college in Blackwood Mountain, but the college was never created due to the remote location and lack of funding. It was then bought later on and changed into a place for homeless people. After a new and larger homeless center was built in Blackwood, it was shut down again. After being purchased yet another time, the building was created as a boarding house for teenagers. It allowed teens with hard family lives to live in safety. It also allowed teens with addictions to reside in the house and have correctional staff members help them get over their addictions.

Currently, the house has many teenagers residing in it. It is also located at 73 Patterson Street, Blackwood Mountain. Any teenager of the age 14-19 is allowed to live in the house. Staff members live on the bottom floor of the house or in their own homes while the teens live on the upper levels. The second floor has room numbers with 200's and the third has room numbers with 300's. Also, each room holds two people, but roommates cannot be opposites sexes unless they are siblings. The rooms also come with an en suite so the two only have to share a bathroom with each other. On the first floor, there is a kitchen, dining room, living area, television room, small library, staff member bedrooms, and a few extra rooms for counselors to have sessions with teenagers who need any help



Second Floor

Room 201

Room 202

Room 203

Room 205

Room 206

Room 207

Third Floor

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