No interaction Blake Campbell is inactive and can no longer roleplay.
Blake Anthony Campbell
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: May something.
Education: Barfield Community College
Occupation: Student
Address: 130 Axe Street, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Single.
Housemates: Family.
Face claim: Jack HarriesPortrayer: Sunnysmile16

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  • bad for me

    13 replies
    • {{Alice|oh wow. you're late.}} {{Blake|Late?}} {{Alice|Yep. Syd moved to Canada, like two months ago or somth.}}
    • {{Blake|She, she moved?}} //Alice nods. {{Alice|Yeaaah. Sorry bro. But hey, if it helps your or something, her cousin is my roommate and she ...
  • happy wheels is addiction don't play it

    • //Blake is on an errand bc he's the younger twin and ahaha yeah. Then he bumps into Sydney bc yeah.{{Blake|Hi?}}{{Sydney...

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