"About time you two put some pants on." - Sam Riddleman, no context necessary
Caitravanam is the group friendship of Caitlin, Travis, Kieran and Sam who have a plethora of individual pairings between them including McNeville, Caivis, Travan and Nevilleman. Caitlin moved in with the other three after her one year anniversary with Kieran. However, since Travis is currently on tour for a year and Caitlin is no longer an active character, the main ship of Caitravanam is currently Nevilleman.

Kieran is dating Caitlin, best friends with Travis (also possibly gay, but that's never confirmed) and best friends with Sam (they've known each other since birth practically and tell each other everything).

Sam is best friends with Kieran and friends/acquaintances with Travis and Caitlin. She also is a strong supporter of Travis and Kieran's possibly gay relationship. Sam is the only person out of the quartet that hasn't kissed any of the quartet, and if taken out, everyone else has kissed each other at least once.

Travis is best friends with Kieran (also possibly gay again, if kissing someone of the same sex three times counts as having leanings), very close friends with Caitlin (there was some possible romance between them, but they decided to remain friends) and friends/acquaintances with Sam.

Caitlin is dating Kieran, close friends with Travis and apparently now becoming closer friends with Sam. Despite dating Kieran, she is also a strong supporter of Kieran and Travis making out/kissing and doesn't mind that it's sort of cheating.

While not every character appears in each thread, the group itself is comprised of the multiple interactions between the characters, and occasionally with other characters; such as Nessie Stevens, whom initially met the group through Kieran and Caitlin, then began chatting to Travis and went on a date with him, and was then messaged by Sam, trying to hook the two of them up.

Name Synopsis
how to kill a fangirl Caitlin meets Kieran Neville and freaks out.
dead Caitlin texts Kieran, not believing that she got his number.
Do you think Kielin or McNeville is a better ship name? Caitlin and Kieran make plans to go feed the docks.
this title is vague Caitlin enquires about Kieran's new roommate.
the beginning of the end but also the beginning Kieran takes Caitlin with him to go pick up Travis from the airport.
let the games begin Travis decides to tease Kieran about his crush on Caitlin.
got me on my toes Part 1 of 4: Kieran throws a housewarming party, but Travis tries to keep Caitlin from feeling uncomfortable by playing Halo with her.
the way you wrap them boys around your finger Part 2 of 4: Caitlin and Travis sleep together.
just an east coast kid with a record deal Part 3 of 4: Travis tries to hide from Kieran what happened between Caitlin and him.
i should've kissed you Part 4 of 4: Travis drives Caitlin home from Kieran's party.
it was like a time bomb set into motion Part 1 of 2: Kieran decides to take Cait shopping for a birthday present for Travis.
does she give you butterflies when she calls your name? Part 2 of 2: Kieran and Caitlin actually go shopping for Travis' birthday present and have a little road trip bonding time.
please send help Part 1 of 3: Kieran freaks out over Caitlin "dying".`
sleepin' all day, stayin' up all night Part 2 of 3: Kieran, Travis and Caitlin all have a road trip on the way back to their house for Travis' birthday.
how to be a heartbreaker Part 3 of 3: A huge misunderstanding leads to sad Kieran.
i'm in his favourite sundress, watching me get undressed Kieran and Travis have a little talk while cooking bacon.
if the air was meant to be glitter it might not take all yours away Travis and Caitlin have a little talk about their feelings over some video games.
thunderstruck Caitlin reveals she is terrified of thunderstorms.
we were strangers starting out on a journey Travis invites Caitlin over for a sleepover while Kieran is away for the weekend.
i promise this will not replace mcneville I decided to add Sam into the mix.
i can't call this caitravan anymore D:/kieran has four bedrooms? WHY ON FUCKING EARTH WOULD I WRITE A FOUR PERSON RP? WHAT THE HELL. sorry not sorry for swearing. But yeah, everyone decides to crash at Kieran's house for some reason.
The Kieran Neville Show Kieran and Sam do a Q&A with Kieran's fans.
so i heard cece likes caivis Part 1 of 2: McNeville fluff with hugs, a cactus and a bubble bath.
brace yourselves for sad Kieran Part 2 of 2: Cait and Kieran end up playing Truth or Dare and Cait just wants to play Mariokart.
that's my secret cap'n, i'm always angry Kieran gets angry at Travis after he finds out what went down between Cait and Travis.
we kiss we make up Kieran and Travis solve their disputes the manly way. With hugs.
this is probably the last of the self-rps for a while Mini says farewell to writing self-RPs for the duration of her exams and sends it off with a tribute to her favourite ship.
i lied One more thread of Sam, Cait and Kieran discussing the important things in life...and strippers.
baby we're like a time bomb Caitlin and Travis discuss how much him being away sucks.
bc i promised liz this would happen Part 1 of 2: Sam and Caitlin trick Kieran into agreeing to French kiss Travis.
sorry cece Part 2 of 2: So I guess this means McNeville is a couple now.
it's the mickey mouse clubhouse Kieran and Caitlin discuss the prospects of their new relationship with Mouse.
holly would you turn me on? Kieran visits Caitlin for her birthday and now apparently Caitlin has musical talent.
well this is late Travis is back and all of you stalkers know what that means ;)
whiskey princess Caitlin has to go back to college and texts Kieran.
thanks to you And now everyone knows about McNeville.
travis is her mental husband wow Caitlin and Kieran meet Nessie, a fan of theirs, and Caitlin tries to deal with feeling like a celebrity.
nobody puts baby in a corner Caitlin and Kieran try to hook Travis up with Nessie, and then end up scaring away Sam and Travis with their fluff.
i don't wanna say goodnight Cece finally gets her Caivis fluff Caitlin can't sleep, so she calls Travis.
darling you'll be okay A very intoxicated Kieran rings Caitlin to tell her how pretty she is.
they frick fracked Travis and Cait are both up early cooking pancakes.
stop looking for me like you're trying to find me Kieran decides to surprise Caitlin with a little trip to Baltimore so she can see his hometown.
good morning baltimore Sam extorts Kieran into making the romantic getaway into a group trip.
and you are my heroine Kieran picks Caitlin up for her flight and finally breaks it to her that it won't just be the two of them.
i swear now everything is perfect Caitlin decides she's ready to publicise McNeville.
please don't catch me Caitlin is pregnant???
no postcode envy or is she?
on the right side of the wrong bed Kieran and Sam start drinking after finding out about Caitlin's pregnancy news.
it's not checkers but it's close Kieran and Travis try to keep themselves occupied when they're left home alone in a storm.
i like the way it hurts Caitlin and Kieran try to explain to Sam, Cam and Travis why Caitlin has a black eye.
don't pause too long Caitlin sleeps in and decides to stay in bed with Kieran.
i'll melt Sam breaks the news to Kieran that she's staying in Baltimore.
be still my heart cuz it's freaking out Kieran has an existential crisis and Caitlin has to save him from the clutches of an evil spider.
give 'em hell kid Sam, Cam, Caitlin and Travis all go out to get lunch without Kieran.
it's the end of sam as we know it Kieran, Caitlin and Travis all fly home without Sam.
go read the sad one first and this one will cheer you up Sam rings Kieran to tell him that she will be coming back to live with the gang in Miduna Beach.
Merry Christmas Liz Kieran, Caitlin and Travis put up some Christmas decorations.
sing me to sleep Kieran and Caitlin are suddenly faced with some bad news.
i'll stand by you Caitlin finds alcohol in her house, and Kieran decides to be responsible and stop her.
How to Save a Life Sam decides that Caitlin needs a female friend to talk to.
let's be alone together Caitlin calls up Travis to go Christmas shopping.
i'll make you feel beautiful once again Kieran sneaks into Caitlin's house to surprise her with a breakfast in bed.
let's ride our bikes around the halls Sam tells Travis that she wants to get a job.
i don't wanna miss one smile Kieran wants to take Caitlin out on a fancy date but has to improvise when things don't go as planned. Rated F for extreme fluff.
how to make boys next door out of assholes Sam bets the whole group that they couldn't last a whole week at her job, with consequences for whoever quits first.
i'm not gonna write you a love song Kieran writes a song just for Caitlin.
i've got the guts to say anything Kieran and Caitlin kidnap a baby. or something along those lines.
lovin every minute cuz you make me feel so alive Caitlin tells Kieran about how she's going on a family camping trip to Canada, and they get slightly sidetracked talking about a lot of other stuff.
i don't want your sweet cheesecake Caitlin discovers internet rumors about her dating Lamar.
i'll tell you all a story about the joker and the thief in the night Sam and Kieran have a little chat about feelings after Sam breaks up with Tristan.
shake it, break it, make it bounce Sam and Caitlin have a little chat while eating breakfast.
pour your sugar on me Travis learns a lesson on why you don't ask Sam about her relationships.
this would have been done hours ago if my laptop didn't delete half of it Caitlin and Kieran decide that what they're missing in life is dogs. Two of them.
lying sleepless trying to figure it out Nessie and Travis decide to break up :c
better late than never Kieran doesn't want Caitlin to go home enough that he asks her to move in with him.
so no one told you life was gonna be this way After finding out from Brooke that her boyfriend was flirting with some other chick while she was gone, Kieran tries to ask Sam what's bothering her.
you're so cinematic Kieran comforts Sam after she and Jaime have a fight and gets her really drunk. Sam ends up showing actual emotion for once.
i'd like to skip the smalltalk and romance Sam sort of admits to Kieran that she's bored in her relationship with Jaime, by awkwardly trying to ask Kieran if he gets bored of Kieran.
they haven't seen the best of you yet Kieran is worried about Sam going out clubbing so shortly after breaking up with Jaime, and after very little convincing he manages to get her to sit with him and watch Die Hard instead.
you should be alone Sam finds out that Kieran's going to be with Caitlin's family for Thanksgiving, leaving her home alone.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Aside from Caitlin, they were all born in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Aside from Sam, they have all kissed each other.
  • They have all at one point driven Kieran's car.
  • They all have tattoos.
  • Kieran's last name is the only one without three syllables, and Sam's first name is the only one without two syllables.

The author of this ship has admitted that she doesn't mind people shipping crack in this pairing, but says she personally wouldn't write some ships romantically because they would go against character development.


Gold star This ship was voted Best Friendship in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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