"Well I like hanging around you...and not just for entertainment value." - Travis to Caitlin
Caivis is the platonic, however, possibly romantic pairing of Caitlin McCaughey and Travis Banderas who met due to Caitlin's association with Travis' roommate, Kieran Neville (see McNeville). Caitlin had been a huge fan of his music since she was a teenager, and used to kiss his poster, as well as others.

Caitlin initially grew closer to Travis rather than Kieran as she felt uncomfortable with Kieran's partying ways, and preferred being in a small group of people playing video games, similarly to Travis. Caitlin slept in Travis' bed with him after Kieran's housewarming party {they didn't know there were two more spare bedrooms), however, Travis was aware that Kieran had a small crush on Caitlin and didn't show any signs of affection towards her in respect to his friendship with Kieran.

When Kieran asked for Caitlin's help choosing a birthday present for him, she grew very excited over how much Travis would love the gift she had chosen for him, implying that she paid specific attention to the things he wants. At Travis' birthday party, Travis was trying to convince Kieran to ask Caitlin out, but a misunderstanding led to Caitlin thinking that Travis asked her out, to which she told him that she liked him and didn't want to let him down on his birthday, however, Travis later told her that she doesn't have to date him if she doesn't want to, which she didn't. Following this, Kieran gave Travis permission to date Caitlin and not feel guilty, however, Travis did not follow up on this, possibly hinting that he didn't think of Caitlin romantically.

Later, Caitlin and Travis were talking about kisses, when Caitlin mentioned that she had never kissed anyone, so Travis surprised her by kissing her, but the two agreed not to tell anyone. When Kieran found out and got angry at Travis, Travis defended himself saying that Kieran said he was over Caitlin, and that Caitlin is a grown woman capable of making her own decisions.

While Caitlin has admitted that she likes Travis, it is unknown whether this was in respect to Travis' birthday or the fact that she thought he asked her out or whether she genuinely thought of him romantically. The chances fo Caitlin thinking of Travis romantically are also hindered by the fact that Caitlin started dating Kieran while Travis was out of the state. The two of them are very close friends though, and spend a lot of time together playing video games.

Name Synopsis
the beginning of the end but also the beginning Caitlin goes with Kieran to pick up Travis from the airport. She promptly freaks out.
got me on my toes Part 1 of 4: Kieran throws a housewarming party, but Travis tries to keep Caitlin from feeling uncomfortable by playing Halo with her.
the way you wrap them boys around your finger Part 2 of 4: Caitlin and Travis sleep together.
you read that synopsis as something dirty, didn't you? shame on you.
just an east coast kid with a record deal Part 3 of 4: Travis tries to hide from Kieran what happened between Caitlin and him.
i should've kissed you Part 4 of 4: Travis drives Caitlin home from Kieran's party.
please send help Part 1 of 3: Kieran freaks out over Caitlin "dying".`(Not a lot of Caivis, it just sets up the next two threads).
sleepin' all day, stayin' up all night Part 2 of 3: Kieran, Travis and Caitlin all have a road trip on the way back to their house for Travis' birthday.
how to be a heartbreaker Part 3 of 3: A huge misunderstanding leads to Caitlin and Travis possibly dating.
if the air was meant to be glitter it might not take all yours away Travis and Caitlin have a little talk about their feelings over some video games.
thunderstruck Caitlin reveals she is terrified of thunderstorms.
we were strangers starting out on a journey Travis invites Caitlin over for a sleepover while Kieran is away for the weekend.
i can't call this caitravan anymore D:/kieran has four bedrooms? Everyone decides to crash at Kieran's house for some reason,including Kieran and Travis' new roommate, Sam.
this is probably the last of the self-rps for a while Travis tells Cait that he's going to be gone to perform across NJ/NY for a few weeks.
baby we're like a time bomb Caitlin and Travis discuss how much him being away sucks.
well this is late Travis comes back home and gets Caitlin an epic birthday present, as well as French-kissing Kieran.
thanks to you Travis finds out that Caitlin is dating Kieran.
nobody puts baby in a corner Caitlin and Kieran try to hook Travis up with one of his biggest fans, even though he's never met the girl.
i don't wanna say goodnight Cece finally gets her Caivis fluff Caitlin can't sleep, so she calls Travis.
they frick fracked Travis and Cait are both up early cooking pancakes.
please don't catch me Caitlin and Travis have a little pregnancy scare.
no postcode envy Caitlin and Travis try to keep Caitlin's possible pregnancy hidden from Kieran, but end up being terrible liars.
give 'em hell kid Caitlin gets lunch with Travis, Sam and Cam and Travis tries to comfort her after she worries about Kieran.
how to make boys next door out of assholes Sam proposes a bet to the group and Caitlin chooses Travis to be on her team instead of Kieran.
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  • Travis was Caitlin's first kiss.
  • Their FCs (Lights and Beau Bokan) are married in real life and have a daughter named Rocket Wild Bokan <3

Gold star This ship was voted Best Friendship in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in November 2013!

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