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Portrayer's note: So, I originally liked Cecilia, but then I ended up not really being able to roleplay her and idk I don't like playing her anymore. If you want to adopt her, just send me a message unless you're cc.

Cecilia Crystal Carter
General Information
Gender: Female
Aliases: Crystal
Birthday: November 17, 1991
Age: 21
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): Prostitute
Address: 14 Corbeille Avenue, Lebeaux
Family & Friends
Family: Casey Carter (Mom)

Christopher Carter (Dad)

Friends: People
Relationships: No one wants to date me
Pet(s): No time for that
Other Information
Interests: Lots of different things
Education: Barfield Elementary School

Miduna Beach Elementary School Miduna Beach High School
Barfield Community College

Talent: Wouldn't you like to know?
Weaknesses: Nothing
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Jenna Louise Coleman
Portrayer: InsaneBlueberry

cecilia crystal carter
prostitute just looking for one thing and that's not you

 – rock me on the river where my troubles belong; cause you know i love you but i know it's wrong but your body is all that i won; rosy affair you took my heart for a little while; the greatest mistake i ever made was loving you

I'm Cecilia Carter, also known as Crystal to my employees. It's lovely to meet you.


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Oh... Nothing.

I wear clothes although some people may argue that what I wear shouldn't be considered clothing. Screw their opinions.


Well, I guess I'm pretty outgoing. In high school and elementary school, I was always talking to basically everyone. Then in high school I was doing more than just talking. That's beside the point though. So, basically, I'm rather nice and not going to kill you or anything.


When I was about two years old, my parents decided to divorce because my dad was having an affair with some other woman. My mother never had enough to take care of us entirely, so we ended up having to move to a small two bedroom apartment with one bathroom and a combined kitchen and living room. My mom could never find a good job, so in fifth grade we were kicked out of the apartment since my mom could no longer afford rent. She found a place in Miduna Beach that was cheaper than our old apartment since it had only one bedroom. I ended up having to sleep in the living room. Fun fun. I also had to switch schools then, but it wasn't too hard since I was always really friendly with everyone. My mom got a job at Miduna and life was great.
Then, in high school, I discovered how to have fun - partying, drugs, alcohol, sex, all that stuff. It was fantastic. Then I went to Barfield Community College with more partying and I graduated with a two year degree. After college, I ended up not having a job, obviously. So, I found a job in Lebeaux. It's an okay job though most of the men are gross and old. There's some girls too.


Casey Carter

She's my mom. Ever since I started high school, she's kind of become very disappointed in me. Oh well. She's a cook at some fast food restuarant and she still lives in the same place as we used to live in Miduna. It's a really crappy apartment. I'm so glad I'm not living there anymore.

Christopher Carter

Some rich snobby douchebag who happens to be my father. He lives here in Lebeaux and it's the only bad part about this place. He gives me money once in a while because I'm his only child, but not enough to live.


Henry Todd

Henry was a, um, great guy. Well, no, a terrible guy. He and I had a thing during my second year of college. It was great, you know? All fun and stuff. Then I found out that he was with another girl. The bad part was that he had been dating her since high school. I didn't want to break up at first since I really loved him and I didn't care that he was sort of cheating on me. Stupid, huh? But he called it off and left me. No wonder he always wanted to go to my place and not his.


  • I'm a partier. Partying is one of my favorite things to do. If there's a party anywhere in the area - whether it be Lebeaux, Barfield, or Miduna, I probably have a way to get there. I know basically everyone and someone is going to tell me about a party somewhere.
  • Growing up I always wanted a pet dog, but my mom couldn't afford one. It's always made me sad. And I still can't afford one.


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