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Chrysalis Flora Green
General Information
Gender: Female
Aliases: Christy because Chrysalis sounds too formal.
Birthday: April 14, 2003
Age: 10
Hair color: black
Eye color: almond
Height: 4'9
Weight: 68 lbs.
Occupation(s): Student
Address: I'm not that gullible
Family & Friends
Family: Michela Green, David Green,and Vincent Green (my older brother)
Friends: None yet. I just moved here.
Relationships: Education first. Plus, I'm only 10.
Pet(s): My bunny named Chester.
Enemies: None and I hopefully will never have any.
Other Information
Interests: Writing, reading, drawing, science, and technology
Education: Miduna Beach Elementary

I want to go to Desmond College of Arts one day.

Talent: I guess I'm good at drawing. I do well great in school.
Weaknesses: Why do you need to know?
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Keke Palmer
Portrayer: DerpyDome


She has cocoa brown skin and almond eyes. She normally wears casual clothes and braids. She hates wearing skirts unless they're skorts and are denim. She sometimes wears glasses as well.


Smart, funny, nice, awkward, and shy all at the same time. She looks at what you're like and determines how to act in front of you based on that. She is also more mature in the mind than you may think.


   Chrysalis Flora Green was born April 14, 2003. Her name came along because her parents are green thumbs and thought it would be lovely. Christy thinks is just plain dumb being named after a stage of a butterfly. Christy was baptized when she was 3 and is very religious, like her mom. She grew an interest for art at the age of 5. Her friends and family say she's really good, but she's very modest about it.


Michela Green- Her mom. She loves her a lot, but sometimes her mom is judgemental about her. She always points out she's a girl and she should cook and clean and especially clean her room more often. Her mom has a job but is also and entrepreneur.

David Green- Her dad. He brings in most of the money for the house. Knowing this, he can be a workaholic. Especially because he's an entrepreneur as well. Christy loves him as well, but he can be very sexist like her mom.

Vincent Green- Her older brother. They fought a lot when they were younger, but now have most of the same intrests and get along very well. He's funny, creative, and smart. A lot like her.


-Dakota Mallard: Adorable and sweet little girl who I met recently. <3

-Lucy Hudson- Really nice person I also met recently.

-Ariana Knight- Probably one of the only teenagers who doesn't try to make you feel like your a lower life form.

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