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Ciara is the romantic pairing of Tiara Blackwell and Chris Hyde. They met each other when they were in 6th grade and currently own a house together. They had a love-hate relationship, but in early January 2014, Chris confessed his love for Tiara and so did Tiara. They broke up on April 1, 2014.
Name Synopsis
this rp will suck Tiara finds out that Chris' mom calls him Boobear.
i lack originality Chris gets annoyed at Tiara.
here comes the sun, here comes the rain Chris gives Tiara a bracelet.
ready or not Tiara tells Chris that she set him up on an online dating website.
oh snap it's another self rp Tiara announces that somebody wants to date him through the online dating website.
a double self rp wow Tiara and Chris end up meeting Lindsey Sterling, Corey Darnell, Jr., Chloe Finnley, and Shiec Alexander at a park.
triple self-rp: part 2 :D Part 2 of the previous roleplay.
not a footprint to be seen Chris gets a dog and Tiara is initially freaked out by it.
snowball fight Tiara and Chris end up having a cute snowball fight together.
it's time Tiara and Chris get stuck in a ferris wheel and end up confessing their love for each other.
i want u back Chris gives Tiara a Valentine's Day gift.
my love is a star Tiara breaks up with Chris. Btw, even though I posted that on April Fool's Day (April 1), it's real, okay? It's not a prank. also i suck
i'll find my own bravado Chloe and Shiec go to Tiara and Chris's house to talk about Tiara and Chris's breakup.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

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