"Just know that you'll always have family here if you decide to go." - Nora to Cody
Cora was the angst friendship of Nora Cooke and Cody Scott, who lived together in the same home for runaway teens. After moving to Blackwood Mountain, Cody became one of Nora's closest friends, and vice versa. Nora was consistently there to support Cody, and frantically worried about him when he ran away. She was also the first one to know about Cody's crush on Amber and is a huge fan of his poetry. Nora was the first person Cody told about his parents wanting him to move back in, and Nora told him that she wasn't going to force him to choose her over his parents.

When Nora got sick, Cody became very concerned and took her to the doctors and paid for her medicine, although Nora initially lied about what was wrong with her because she knew Cody would want to try and help, and she didn't want him to worry. Cody eventually took matters into his own hands and contacted a lawyer to sue Nora's parents so that she could afford surgery and make a recovery.

Nora was the last person Cody spoke to before he died, and Nora felt extremely guilty after he died, thinking that she could have stopped him from taking his life, despite Cait pointing out that she would have only prolonged his death to a later date. At Cody's funeral, Nora confesses to Cody's coffin that she loves him, and later, she comes to term with the fact that Cody is gone, and keeps one of his jackets which he wore at the hospital while she was in surgery as a memento.

Name Synopsis
the legend of cora Nora decides to get to know the new kid across the hall.
i have way too many self-rps Cody goes to have a little chat to Nora about how he possibly might like Amber.
long live the reckless and the brave TW: Suicide attempt; Cody has enough of everything and Nora tries to stop him from ending his life.
you can always find your way back home Cody returns home after he ran away for a while and Nora is remarkably happy to see him.
rooty-tooty point n' shooty's Nora tries to find out why Cody wasn't at a party, and they end up having a little party of their own.
said i'm so sick of love songs Nora is sick, and Cody has to take care of her for a change.
lmao wikia thinks i'm a drug dealer Mini finally got the thread to upload. Cody takes Nora to the doctors.
if i just lay here After getting her cough medicine, Nora still isn't getting better and tells Cody what is actually wrong with her.
we built a wreck out of me Cody reveals that while Nora was sleeping, he contacted a lawyer to sue Nora's parents for the money she needs for surgery.
safe and sound Nora gets discharged from the hospital and Cody and Cait are there to greet her.
everything's not alright and i would rather... TW: Suicide; Cody has a final breakdown to Nora before choosing to end his life.
how to save a life TW: Suicide; Nora and Amber try to find out what's wrong with Cody, only to find his lifeless body.
baby don't hurt me Nora has to break the news about Cody to Jen.
i miss missing you now and again Nora and Amber decide to go to Cody's funeral together.
it's the soul that needs surgery Nora meets Cody's sister after his funeral and has a few words to say to her.
The Sharp Knife of a Short Life Nora takes one last tour of Cody's room as closure.
i miss you Nora pays a visit to Cody's grave.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Nora once said to Cait that Cody was the friendliest person in her home.
  • They live across the hall from each other.

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