"That no matter how much I lied to myself, I was never going to get over you." -Corey to Lindsey
Corsey (Corey/Lindsey) is the romance/friendship/rivalry pairing of Corey Darnell, Jr. and Lindsey Sterling. They were best friends for over 3 years. Corey and Lindsey held a strong bond in those three years, which was molded by their multitude of shared interests (desire to go to Lebeaux High, hatred of their current school, love of Corey's family, etc.), which was neutralized by their opposing viewpoints as well (opinion of Tumblr, opinion of Degrassi, etc.) They used to spend a lot of time in Corey's bedroom. At some point, they developed feelings for one another, but never showed it until Corey's 15th birthday.

On this particular day, they kissed, and by doing so, they've opened a Pandora's box full of conflict. Since then, they've kissed again, argued, and have had very emotional confrontations. They've both grown to accept their feelings for one another, but nothing came out of it because Corey moved on and no longer has feelings for Lindsey, who had just accepted her feelings for Corey.

On New Year's Eve 2013, Corey came and confessed he will never get over her no matter how much he tried, and they both finally got together, welcoming in the new year with a kiss (followed by more kisses).

After the discovery that her parents were getting a divorce and she had to choose who she wanted to stay with, she chose her father and he was moving to San Francisco, meaning that they'd be thousands of miles apart. They mutually decided to end their relationship to prevent worse heartbreak in the future. Lindsey left and they subsequently ended their relationship by "letting each other go".

Name Synopsis
it's time to begin. A typical discussion between two best friends who hate their school.
our love made in the usaaaaa Corey and Lindsey have a normal discussion like always which leads to them watching Mean Girls and falling asleep together. Sleep. That is all.
driving cadillacs in our dreams ♡ A fluffy moment where Corey forces Lindsey to admit that she'd lie in court for him, even if he was guilty.
this is how to be a heartbreaker ♥ That fateful kiss that changed everything.
we don't want our hearts to break Corey and Lindsey have a confrontation that leads to another kiss, an emotionally torn Corey, and an angered Lindsey.
we'll be counting stars ♥ Corey decides to break Lindsey's heart on her birthday as revenge for her doing the same thing to him on his birthday a few weeks before.
hey, i heard you were a wild one. Corey and Lindsey finally address their feelings and get together just before the new year kicks in.
and i'll never go home again After a bit of hesitation, they had sex. Yep, you read that right. Don't question it, okay?
does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? Lindsey finds out her parents are getting a divorce, and she chose to move with her dad, who's moving to San Fransisco. She breaks the news to Corey late one night and they have a cute little moment.
you're a doll, you are flawless The next day after the divorce gets finalized, Corey and Lindsey discuss their relationship and their future plans at the park.
i'll be gone in the morning Corey and Lindsey reminisce over everything they've been through since they've met, and have an emotional goodbye as Lindsey leaves for California with her dad.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • They live next door to each other.
  • They've been friends for 3 years.
  • They acknowledged their feelings for each other on Corey's birthday, only to do the same on Lindsey's birthday.
  • They're constantly being told that they like each other from other people. (the other Darnells, Finnder, Tiara)

Gold star This ship was voted Funniest Ship in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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