"You should wear heels. Maybe you'll be as tall as everyone else then." - Danny to Sam
Dam kissing
Dam is the amazingly titled friendship/romantic ship between Danny Vespa and Sam Riddleman. Danny had already obviously heard of Sam before meeting her, and must have been a fan of her because he continued talking to her after they met in a music store. They quickly became friends, mainly aided by the fact that at the time, Sam had a boyfriend. Sam and Danny hung out again for Danny's birthday and got drunk and acted all sexual, but the whole time Sam was basically offering to be a wingman for Danny. Unfortunately the media didn't think it was all friendly and playful and started spreading reports that Sam was cheating on her boyfriend with a mystery man.

After her boyfriend started being a jerk, Sam went to Danny for comfort, thus totally disproving her boyfriend's point about how she was flirting with Danny. Sam and her boyfriend broke up after he accused her of flirting with Danny and although Sam's initial instinct was to go out clubbing, she instead spent the night with her roommate, Kieran, who suggested that if she wanted to find a lasting relationship she should maybe date someone she didn't meet in a bar (remember that time that I said they met in a music store?). Anyway, stuff happened and Sam slowly realised that Danny had a crush on her (he didn't really hide it anyway) and eventually decided that the best way to make his crush on her go away was to make out with and then later have sex with him.

They had a weird relationship for a while where they were just friends with benefits, and even though people around them noticed (e.g. Kieran), they still denied it. It wasn't until they went out to some club and got into a bar fight that Sam and Danny officially declared their thing a relationship.

That being said, their main dynamic consists of the two of them being lazy bums who like music and joke about stuff and how great they both are. Danny also makes fun of Sam's height a lot, seeing as he's 6'2" compared to her 5'4" even though he probably shouldn't, because Sam can be a fiery ball of anger when she wants to be. They both don't do a lot of stuff in their free time other than each other, and now that they're dating, they do even more of nothing.

Name Synopsis
c'est la mort Danny and Sam meet in a music shop and Danny quickly realises the fastest way to a girl's heart is by complimenting her music taste. He also recognises Sam and sadly Sam does not recognise him.
season ticket on a one way ride Sam realises she missed Danny's birthday and decides to make it up to him by taking him out to Specks and getting him really drunk and dancing really suggestively all while she has a boyfriend.
damned if i do ya So after Sam argues with her boyfriend a bunch in other friends about accusations of cheating, Sam decides to introduce Jaime to Danny and Jaime accuses her of flirting with Danny again. Sam's like nah I ain't flirting and goes to Danny for comfort because her boyfriend is a jerk.
damned if i don't Continuation of that thread but Sam and Jaime finally break up.
gonna take my things and go Sam calls up Danny and invites him out to some music store which is having a closing down sale and then after some conversation and butt grabbing, Sam gets Danny to describe his perfect woman so that she can set him up on a date with her.
we can't stop the world Sam decides to enlist the help of her friend Kieran to see if he can help her find a perfect woman for Danny. She describes Danny's requirements and Kieran just stares at her like "it's you, dumbass."
the world's a better place when it's upside down Sam is all bored on Thanksgiving and she decides to bother Danny, who then invites her to thanksgiving with his family. Includes drunk Sam and lots of short jokes.
oh baby i need your sweet lovin' Danny and Sam are hanging out being losers when they get into an argument about who's allowed to lie across the couch and end up making out and ruining their 'just friends' status.
you just set my soul on fire Danny comes over to bother Sam and she's like let's get out of here because my brother and roommate think we're dating and so they go for a little drive before Sam's like "pull over" and he's like "sure why" and they end up having sex in his car before going to a restaurant and continuing to joke about having sex with each other.
the way my blue eyes shined Sam finds out that she just got a paid gig and so she and Danny celebrate with sex and pizza. They also both realize they've slept with strippers, but alas, not the same one.
whiskey princess Sam and Danny are babysitting Sam's niece at some children's playground and Sam's just complaining about the children when Danny decides to make fun of her height as well.
i'm talking bout my own reflection Sam is really keen to meet Danny's new puppy and the two of them argue over who's gonna be Bruno's favorite person.
i'm chasin' after rock and roll Danny and Kieran bond while Sam's in the shower, and then Sam shows up and is like "Danny, buy me cake" because all Sam seems to want is just food.
they were never yours to keep Sam is performing at the Barfield Art Festival and she goes to flirt with Danny only to discover that Danny is talking to her ex-boyfriend, Jaime and Sam's awkward.
i got the magic in my bones Danny gets punched up at a bar while defending Sam's honor, so Sam tries to make him feel better and also asks him out.
doesn't that sound familiar Sam spontaneously asks Danny to just fly with her to Baltimore so she can visit her new niece and nephew and he's like "Why are you gonna miss me??? ;)" and she's like "never mind."
home's the two of us Sam tries to surprise Danny with pizza and then he rocks up behind her like "hey surprise" and the two of them are cute. Danny talks about how Sam drives him crazy. Good times.
imma blow your mind like that Male!Sam is frustrated at everything and calls up his boyfriend to bring him food and alcohol because that's all Sam does. Danny also gets jealous of a pizza guy.
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  • They both love music and have music careers.

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in September 2015!
Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in March 2015!
Gold star This ship was voted Cutest Couple in the Winter 2015 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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