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    December 20, 1995 - Miduna Beach
    • Damian is born.

    2005 - Miduna Beach

    • Damian and Marcus meet.

    January 9, 2007 - Miduna Beach

    • Damian's mother Elena marries Lucas Boyle and she and Damian officially move into the Boyle household.

    April 13, 2009 - Miduna Beach

    • Damian's half-sister Allison 'Ally' Boyle is born.

    March 2013 - Miduna Beach

    • Damian is kicked out of his home and starts living on the streets.

    June 2013 - Miduna Beach

    • Damian begins living at the Brightside Motel after living on the streets and crashing at random people's houses for so long.



    coming soon tbh im just posting his timeline to show you guys a different example

Alternate Universe

    • woahwow looky here u can add aus and shit too
    • wow so kewl
    • so trash
    • help

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