No interaction Dia Sanchez is inactive but is up for adoption.

Portrayer's note: So basically Dia and her dance company got offered to tour with some popstar as backup dancers and so Dia's gonna disappear for a while. If you wanna adopt her and have her come back pls be my guest.

Dia Inés Sanchez de la Cruz
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: January 12, 1996
Education: Freshman
Class of '14
Occupation: Dancer/Carer at Miduna Beach Daycare.
Address: 9 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Marcus Watson
Housemates: Carla Sanchez &
Paloma Sanchez
Face claim: Jasmine VillegasLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Minithepeanut

Start a Roleplay Roleplays with Dia Sanchez

  • you were willing once before

    76 replies
    • {{DiaSpeech|"And she's pretty awesome when she isn't super pissed at you."}}
    • {{LolaSpeech|"Trust me, I know she definitely is."}}
  • i don't wanna go in alone

    233 replies
    • {{Damian|"Same. I'm probably gonna just pass out on Marcus now," he says, leaning his head so that it's resting ontop...
    • {{DiaSpeech|"Have fun with that," she jokes. They end up eventually going to sleep. The end.}} {{fin}}

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