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Dillon Jonas Hopkins
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: January 13, 1996
Lives with: Mom & Little Sister
Address: 26 George Street, Miduna Beach
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Dillon Jonas, Jonas
Family & Friends
Family: Jonas Hopkins (Dad; Deceased)

Mara Hopkins (Mom)
Tahiri Hopkins (Little Sister)

Friends: People I like
Relationships: None
Enemies: People I don't like
Other Information
Interests: Baseball
Education: Miduna Beach High School
Weaknesses: Stuff
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Leon Thomas III
Lumblr Network Profile

I'm Dillon Jonas –Lumblr Network Profile
– Student at MBHS

 – Quotes are for losers. Oh wait. This is a quote. Dammit.

I'm Dillon, obviously. If you pay attention to sports at MBHS, you've probably heard of me. No, you've definitely heard of me.


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: I don't know

I wear clothes and stuff. True story. I bet you didn't expect that one, huh?


One day, I was born shocker. When I was about six years old, my dad died in a car accident. My mom was in the car too and barely made it out alive, but she luckily did. For a few years, life was sort of bad, but not really. Mom was taking antidepressents since she had become a little off balance ever since my dad dies. After a few years, she got better and now life is all good again. We used to live in Barfield, but my mom decided she wanted to change when she get off her medicine, so we moved to Miduna Beach. I play mostly baseball at the school and make passing grades. That's it, really.


Jonas Bradley

Jonas was my dad. Even though I was kind of young when he died, I still remember lots of different things about him. He was the one who got me into liking baseball since he'd always play catch with me. 

Mara Hopkins

Mara is a great mom. She's nice and stuff. 

Tahiri Hopkins

Tahiri is my younger sister. She was only about three when dad died, so she doesn't remember really anything about him. She often asks questions about dad which makes mom suddenly get sad. I guess I'm a pretty good older brother to her though since I've always had to take care of her since sometimes mom can't do it herself.


I guess you could say I'm a nice guy, although some people may beg to differ. I'm a rather sporty guy seeing as how I play baseball. Sure, I don't really play any fall or winter sports, but I usually go to batting places to get some extra work in during those seasons. That's it, I guess.


Gwen Price

Some girl I met the other day. I accidentally hit her with a baseball.


  • I don't know.