"You are the perfect woman."
"Damn straight. You're not the perfect man, per se, but you're the best thing for now."
- an exchange between Dmitri and Kat
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Dmikat is the romantic canon pairing of Dmitri Young and Kat Hastings. They have been dating since the 13th of October, 2013, however, they initially hated each other when they first met. Thanks to Prue interfering and inviting Dmitri to a party Kat would be attending, Dmitri decided to try again with Kat, telling her that she intrigued him. After a few drinks, they made out at a party and both of them opened up to each other. Later on, Dmitri called Kat a perfect woman, and Kat replied that he wasn't a perfect man, but the best thing for now. Dmitri asked Kat out, and Kat said that he had worked enough for it, before they kiss.

Kat seems to excuse Dmitri's angry outbursts, and the two of them seem to have a very open, honest relationship, such as when Kat told Dmitri that he kisses like a bitch.

Name Synopsis
it was only just a dreeeeeeeeeeeeam Dmitri and Kat first meet, and Kat thinks his hair is stupid.
mary had a little lamb, but mary just don't give a damn no more Kat is reading a terrible book in the park when Dmitri sees her and, after Prue told him to give her another chance, he decides to try and get to know her.
wut happened to the party? Dmitri is a lil bit drunk and they kiss a few times at a party.
that's the way you like Kat puts Dmitri in a headlock so naturally Dmitri asks her out.
in the mourning i'll rise Kat invites Dmitri out to her family's holiday house in Blackwood Mountains and they make plans for Christmas.
dmikaaaaaaaat Dmitri tells Kat that he'll be home alone for the weekend and invites her over.
my masterpiece will fall apart Kat is mildly annoyed at Dmitri after he skips a day of school, and then they go watch a movie together.
i go to seek a great perhaps Dmitri and Kat do the frick frack on Kat's lounge.
we are the difference between real love and love on tv Kat and Dmitri are both stupid horny teenagers and try to do the frick frack at Nadia/Kat's party, and they get cockblocked by Lexi, Kevin, Natalia, Lexi (again), Nadia, Rhys, Reece, Abigail, Hunter, Mark (honorable mention), Rosalie and then Lexi puking.
when you're around me, i'm radioactive Kat and Dmitri celebrate their graduation.
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  • Neither of them have a lumblr network.
  • Both of them have a brother.
  • Austin Butler (Dmitri) and Vanessa Hudgens (Kat) are dating in real life.

Gold star This ship was voted Biggest OTP in the Spring 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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