No interaction Dominic Fitzgerald is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: He and Caroline are definitely coming back after I sort stuff out, but I'm not in the mood for self-ships right now so he's a no-go for now.

Dominic Kirkland Fitzgerald
Tumblr inline n5s2qfqPEc1s6lbxn
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: April 16, 1997
Education: Senior at HGS
Occupation: Student and musician
Address: 42 Aspen Street, Barfield
Relationships: Caroline Cambridge ("girlfriend"; August 6, 2012 -)
Housemates: Caroline Cambridge
Face claim: Kit HaringtonPortrayer: TheCoreyyDarnell

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  • we're better off as two

    4 replies
    • {{Dominic||I'm feeling generous today so I'm gonna bless you with my presence.}} //Caroline mutters.// {{CarolineSpeech||Feels more l...
    • {{CarolineSpeech||At least that's better than being some bum who barely cares about where's he's going. That band won't ...

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