Dylamar is the platonic relationship between Dylan West and Lamar Roth. They've known each other for almost a year and have become really close friends. At one point, Lamar did like Dylan and she did kind of like him back, but the feelings were never acted upon and they both moved on. Well, Dylan met another guy and Lamar just got over it. Anyway, they currently own an apartment together and are always watching stupid movies because that's what Dylan likes to do. They used to both work at the Mountainside Grille, but Dylan ragequitted it and now works elsewhere. The two are really close and that's it.
Name Synopsis
we should go out for a laugh or two instead of going home tonight Dylan and Lamar go out and eat food and stuff.
i'm thinking that i'm probably gonna need to get to know you casually Dylan and Lamar hang out by the river and stuff.
tell me what's it gonna hurt Dylan and Lamar move in together and stuff.
livin' in a movie Dylan and Lamar go shopping and stuff.
all eyes on you Dylan and Lamar talk about jobs and stuff.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

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