Dylvan is the ship of Dylan West and Evan Bowles. They've known each other for years since they've both lived in Blackwood Mountain. They argue a lot, although it's mainly just teasing and bickering between the two or really stupid conversations because they're complete losers. They're also both very athletic which leads them to making bets against each other with sports. They've gone to the batting cage together to see who could hit the ball the most times and somehow they managed to get a tie. They've also gone bowling and ended up getting a tie again. They also once we're teasing each other, as per usual, and ended up going to watch Endless Love in the movie theater to just make fun of the film. Evan accidentally kissed Dylan during the movie and then Dylan, being the total unromantic woman she is, decided to make out with him in the theater. The two got thrown out and then teased each other and made out some more. After a long time of not dating, they official became a couple - sort of - on June 19.
Name Synopsis
like a wrecking ball Dylan and Evan start talking about life and somehow end up bickering as usual.
when i'm gone Dylan and Evan go ahead and do their batting bets.
bowles goes bowling Dylan and Evan go bowling and be competitive as usual. They also eat greasy pizza.
never let them tell you anything part 1: Dylan and Evan bicker and then go to the theater to watch Endless Love and make fun of it, but stuff happens.
let me light that little spark part 2: Dylan and Evan leave the theater and do some more stuff while bickering like an old married couple.
maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart Evan calls Dylan, and Dylan pranks him for a bit. They then go to Evan's university and get kicked out of a library.
fools like me Evan goes to wish Dylan a happy birthday, and they go play mini-golf. He also tries to prank her for April Fool's but he's an idiot so he gets hit by a golf ball instead.
if you close your eyes Dylan and Evan go to the beach and act like idiots.
got no weight on my shoulders Evan finds some magical courage and asks Dylan out and then they just do nothing at Dylan's house.
two way street Evan sends idiotic texts to Dylan and then he comes over to do whatever Dylan and Evan do.
waiting for my life to start Dylan receives a notice of eviction and tells Evan, who offers to help her out. They then say and do dumb stuff.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

Gold star This ship was voted Biggest Unresolved Sexual Tension in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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