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Emerald Rosa-Jade De Luca
General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 13th, 1996
Age: 16
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Fernando De Luca (Brother)
Charli De Luca (Mother)
Damiano De Luca (Father)
Friends: Ethan Stone
Relationships: Ryan Shay (Boyfriend)
Ethan Stone (Former crush)
Pet(s): Goldie (Goldfish)
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Indiana Evans
Portrayer: CocoPuffle

Emerald De Luca
– I have a fish named Goldie

 – Eyes lie if you ever look into them for the character of the person.

Hi, I'm Emerald.


Hair Color: Blonde.

Eye Color: Blue.

Trademark: Don't know.

I love to wear formal clothes and dress-up - love fashion. Love anything really!


Fernando De Luca

My younger brother who's nine. He's quite annoying, but really sweet. He has his own dog named Barney (I know right).

Charli De Luca

My mother. She's quite young - thirty-nine. She loves to cook and read - simple mother really.

Damiano De Luca

My Italian father. Fantastic cook - cooks great spaghetti (classic, right?) and is so sweet! Works at the local Italian restaurant in town.


Ryan Shay

I love him - so much. He's my boyfriend - so attractive. All the girls like him though, but WARNING - they know I'm with him so they better watch out! Love him. He's so cute and sexy :)

Ethan Stone

My former crush (he was kinda a jerk) but sweet. It turned out he liked his roommate more - and he never told me. But now we are just friends :)


I was born here in Barfield. I am half-Italian, half-Irish. I used to work at The Animaux Expressé with animals. That's all really.


I'm so flirty, bubbly and very shy. But sometimes friendly - and virtuoso.