No interaction Evan Bowles is inactive and can no longer roleplay.
Evan Carlos Bowles
Max Schneider 1
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: October 2, 1993
Education: Senior at University of Miduna Beach
Occupation: Student
Address: 12 Oak Avenue, Blackwood Mountain,
College dorms at UMB
Relationships: Dylan West
Housemates: Zack Lowell
Face claim: Max SchneiderLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Cc71

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  • idiots

    112 replies
    • {{evan|I know I am.}} heyo since I suck you can feel free to finish this rp however you like, I'm gonna deactivate evan after you reply ...
    • {{DylanWSpeech|"You can be." Dylan and Evan continue being dumb and acting stupid.}} {{Fin}} Awww okaay i get that. i probs wont ad...
  • you could've been getting down to this sick beat

    37 replies
    • {{evan|I guess you could think of it that way. Or maybe they just try to avoid appearing stressed?}}
    • {{MirabellaSpeech|I guess that's another option I haven't thought about.}}

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