"You're cute."

"I'm not cute. Boys are not supposed to be cute."
"Fuck you and your opinion. I say you're cute. And if I say you're cute, it's probably true. So just say thanks and shut up."

-an exchange between Chloe and Shiec while buying the latest Panic! At the Disco album
Finnder is the pairing of Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander. They met each other at a bookstore, when Shiec helped Chloe find a book for a series she was reading. They soon found out later that they went to the same school, and are neighbors as well. They become very close friends. Chloe tends to make fun of Shiec, and, well, Shiec lets her.
Name Synopsis
for the fallen ones Chloe and Shiec's first meeting, in which Shiec is a bookworm know-it-all, and Chloe is very fond of Shiec's name (and vice versa).
the fear of falling apart Chloe and Shiec head on to the bookstore to buy a Panic! At the Disco album.
this is getting out of control Chloe and Shiec face an obsessed girl who apparently thinks that Shiec is her boyfriend (and you know the rest).
#sorrynotsorry In which Chloe wanted to find out Shiec's last name.
i came in like a wrecking ball Elijah ships Finnder. So does Shiec's sister.
for agf. Chloe and Shiec talk about how they were outcasts in their own way.
i write sins not tragedies Chloe confesses her undying love to Shiec. (Go ahead. Laugh.)
sugar & spice & everything nice Shiec's not in this thread but read it anyway.
i have absolutely nothing better to do with my life Shiec *finally* meets Chloe's family.
ice cream Ice cream.
:P Chloe goes crazy with Marina and the Diamonds. Shiec needs sleep. (And you know the rest.)
this will be interesting Three words: the Rianna Ashbridge.
i'm gonna be a bubblegum bxtch Chloe actually cries in this one so go read it.
desolation of smaug on december 21 :"> Caleb, Jak, Chloe, and Shiec visit their cousin in Miduna Beach.
a double self rp wow Part 1 of (i'm not sure how many): a triple self-rp.
triple self-rp: part 2 :D Part 2 of the triple-self rp.
in the wild, in the winter A little argument between Chloe and Shiec during Christmas.
heart set in stone A Finnder Valentine's Day special, plus Dylan and Chloe sisterly love.
animo la salle 'Twas the day after Chloe's birthday.
star-crossed Just another phone call conversation between Chloe and Shiec at one in the morning.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Both Chloe and Shiec are named after video game characters (Chloe Frazer from the Uncharted series, and Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed).

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in December 2013!
Gold star This ship was voted Cutest Couple in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
Gold star This ship was voted Most Likely to Get Married in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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