Freddie Mycroft
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-two
Birthday: 16th of June, 1993
Education: Graduate
Occupation: Manager at Inside-Out-Burger
Address: 122/B Cupid Road, Lebeaux
Relationships: Single
Housemates: Nico Park + Candice Steele
Face claim: Justs SirmaisPortrayer: BunnyC

Start a Roleplay Roleplays with Freddie Mycroft

  • not a spell gonna be broken

    79 replies
    • {{FreddieSpeech|"For sure."}}
    • {{CameronBSpeech|Anyway, Cameron decides to go back to studying and leaves after a while to go back to his apartment. the end.}}
  • atlantis

    64 replies
    • {{FreddieSpeech|Freddie smiles.}}
    • {{NicoSpeech|"Other than that customer, how was work?"}}

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