"From the moment I met you I just wanted to to take all your worries away and make you feel better about your situation. Along the way, I fell for you and I'm only falling harder." - Gabriel to Anna
Gabrianna is the romantic pairing of Gabriel Beckham and Anna Burmondy, who first met a few weeks after Anna's mom died, when Anna had just returned to school. Instead of going to class, Gabriel took Anna to his secret hideout in the school, and let Anna play on his spinny chair. Since then, the two of them developed crushes on each other, and after Gabriel broke his leg while running with Anna, Gabriel's brother Hunter became involved a lot, taking Gabriel to Anna's house or picking up Anna. On New Year's Day, during a game of truth or dare, Gabriel admitted that he had a crush on Anna, and Anna admitted that she had one on him too, and they kissed, before being interrupted by Anna's brother telling them that Gabriel had to go home and that Anna had to go to bed.

After going on their first date, they officially became a couple on February 21, 2014.

Name Synopsis
easy to fall, easy to break ♥ Gabriel meets Anna for the first time while she is moping around the hallway, and decides to cheer her up with his secret hideout and spinny chair.
kiss me like you wanna be loved After not speaking for a while weekend, Anna and Gabriel are walking to class together and Gabriel falls over and breaks his leg.
i'm home less than i'd like to be Anna goes to visit Gabriel's house after he broke his leg.
turn the music up Hunter teases Gabriel about his crush on Anna and Gabriel is in denial.
kiss me again underneath the moonlight Anna and Gabriel spend Christmas Eve together, watching Christmas movies and giving each other Christmas presents.
all rise Anna and Gabriel spend New Year's Eve in Anna's room and decide to play Truth or Dare.
you've got a friend in me Anna decides to tell Monika about her crush on Gabriel and Monika is actually happy for her.
strawberries taste how lips do After getting ungrounded and after Gabriel's leg heals, Anna invites Gabriel over to show him her secret hideout.
the superbowl was depressing Gabriel tries to visit Anna and ends up stuck with Michael.
only when you're close Anna and Gabriel go bowling for their first date, and then Gabriel asks Anna to be his girlfriend. It's super cute.
i swear to god i'm gonna change the world Anna decides to visit Gabriel, and finds out about Hunter and Mark.
annie are you okay Gabriel and Anna confess their love for each other.
love yourself so no one has to Anna doesn't react well to the news of Riley's death, and Gabriel comforts her.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • They both have a love of spinny chairs.
  • Their official song is "Kiss Me Again" by We Are The In Crowd feat. Alex Gaskarth.
    • This is also the song in Anna's WB.

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in March 2014!
Gold star This ship was voted Cutest Couple in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
Gold star This ship was voted Most Likely To Get Married in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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