No interaction Garrett Lowe is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: He's gone because of the not roleplaying rule but I also kind of didn't want him anymore. I might bring him back when it's allowed. Eh.

Garrett Lowe
General Information
Gender: I'm obviously a girl
Age: 16
Birthday: March 5, 1998
Education: Barfield High School
Occupation: Womanizer
Address: 22 Aspen Street, Barfield
Relationships: Single ;)
Housemates: Brendon Lowe
Grey Landon
Meg Jen
Face claim: Jack GriffoPortrayer: ShorRoss44

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    • very interesting plot. i'd love to actually see if grey's father comes through for him if he really doesn't have his priorit...
    • c: thanks Mini

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