In Progress



    November 28, 1985 - Miduna Beach
    • Grant was born.
    Fall 2000 - Miduna Beach
    • Grant begins high school at Miduna Beach High.
    Fall 2004 - Miduna Beach
    • Grant begins attending college at University of Miduna Beach, studying biology.
    December 2006 - Miduna Beach
    • Amelia and Grant meet and begin dating.
    Summer 2008 - Miduna Beach
    • Grant graduates from UMB.
    • Amelia and Grant move into an apartment together.
    Fall 2008 to Spring 2010 - Miduna Beach/Barfield
    • Grant gets his high school teaching credentials and serves as a substitute teacher.
    Fall 2009 - Barfield
    • Amelia and Grant get engaged.
    Summer 2010 - Barfield
    • Amelia and Grant get married.
    Fall 2010 - Barfield
    • Grant begins teaching at Barfield High School.
    Summer 2012 - Barfield
    • Grant begins scientific journaling.
    November/December 2015 - Barfield
    • Grant comes out to Amelia, and they decide to get a divorce.

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