Grethan (Gr/ace and Ethan) is the pairing of Grace Forbes and Ethan Stone. They've known each other since they were young. It's basically a one-sided romance thing, where Ethan is in love with Grace but Grace is oblivious about that. At one point, they were not so close because of Ethan getting a girlfriend, who apparently only used him. They are now officially together as of December 13, 2013.
Name Synopsis
i need food D: Grace asks Ethan to buy her coffee, because she has homework to be done.
i need to stop watching pitch perfect Ethan gives Grace a gift because her "birthday is near", even though her birthday's still in December.
klaroline This the time where Ethan started going on his Jerky Mode, when Grace decided to apologize about the kiss.
just cause Grace returns Ethan's phone to him, and asks why she was the wallpaper. Ethan panics and throws the phone outside, then using as an excuse to leave the room.
astrid/ethan/grace just cause Astrid invades Grace and Ethan's movie night.
fuzzy blue lights Ethan is getting ready for his date with Stella, while Grace tries to find her stalking outfit.
idk what i'm doing with my life Ethan confronts Grace about stalking and being jealous of him and Stella. Grace gets angry and sends him out of her room.
facebook instagram tumblr twitter Lucy visits the two, interrogates Ethan about Stella then gives Grace a letter than was accidentally sent to her house.
growl Grace is leaving the house and Ethan tries to talk her out of it, but fails. They hug though, does that count as anything?
and forever is fine Jayson brings a drunk Ethan to Grace's house, and Ethan confesses though he is not aware that he did (he thinks Grace is Jayson). Grace gets annoyed and hits him.
the joy of illness Grace goes to Ethan's house uninvited and catches him watching her favorite movie. She also kisses him on the cheek, does that count as anything too?
i know that we are upside down Grace asks Nathan for money, so she can follow Ethan to Canada, while also exposing some of sunny's evil plans.
swinter Prompt from Grace, Mama Cece and Jadey. Ethan decided to visit Grace and gets stuck there because of the snow. They talk about making their relationship public.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in May 2013!

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