"Mom! Bronte kissed a boy." - Blake Gibson
Jackson and Bronte first met when Bronte returned from visiting her dad and found out that they would be sharing a shift together. From the moment they first met, they instantly clicked and Jackson decided to ask Bronte out on a date, only for her to tell him that she was sworn off dating. Later on, after they walked home together, Jackson leant Bronte his jacket, and then decided to let her keep it, which she later wore at school. After being rejected, Jackson decided to ask Bronte to a movie as friends, and Bronte convinced him to go se Frozen, which he admitted was better than he thought. Later on, at an arcade, Bronte admitted that she was enjoying her date with Jackson, and told him to forget what she said about being sworn off dating. After they went home from their date, Jackson and Bronte kissed on Jackson's doorstep, causing Bronte to happy dance in joy. The two of them bring out very playful sides to each other, and they have a very talkative chemistry.

On February 13, 2014, they officially became a couple, after Bronte spoiled his plans of buying her a Valentine's day present. Both of them are very open and honest with each other, as well, evidenced by Bronte recounting her past boyfriends to Jackson, and Jackson telling her about his past girlfriend.

Bronte, however, appears to have some issues with commitment, and felt that they were moving too fast in their relationship, after Jackson suggested moving in together when they had only known been dating for two and a half months, and she suggested they take a break from their relationship so they can work out what they both want. Bronte later revealed another reason for their split was because she was going to be spending the whole summer with her dad in California.

Name Synopsis
i'm feelin this Part 1 of 2: Bronte and Jackson first meet after Bronte spends her first shift back from vacation working with Jackson.
i wake up every evening with a big smile on my face Part 2 of 2: Jackson walks Bronte home after work, and decides to lend her his jacket when she's too cold.
it's always summer in my heart Jackson decides to ask Bronte to hang out "as a friend" while walking with her to work.
it's been a while since i've felt butterflies Part 1 of 2: Jackson and Bronte decide to see Frozen and visit the arcade together on their "friend date."
do you feel the same way too Part 2 of 2:Bronte and Jackson become proud parents to a bear named Frankie.
i could really use a wish right now Bronte teaches Jackson some hairdressing.
i can make the stars dance Jackson and Bronte get a little caught up in PDA at work.
this is the story of a girl Jackson asks Bronte about her past boyfriends, and ends up getting her life story.
have you ever really danced on the edge Bronte and Jackson kiss in the rain. A lot.
this is gonna be the best day of my life Jackson has a surprise for Bronte, and Jackson has some bonding time with Blake.
everybody scream your heart out Jackson takes Bronte on her surprise date, with a super important message for her.
imma change your life Jackson gets some pretty important news, and Bronte isn't really a fan of his plans of dealing with it.
always just a cut above the rest Bronte decides that they're taking things too fast.
before i knew what hit me baby, you were flowing through my veins Jackson decides to give Bronte a birthday present anyway, and Bronte explains that she's planning on visiting her dad after graduation.
Fan Interpretations
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