Erin:I had algebra today. I like maths, but what is even the point of algebra?

Jae: I think it's to teach people who can't spell but can do maths how to spell!

Erin: Hmmm. I don't think so...
Jaerin is the family/sister ship of Kim Jae-Chang and Kim Erin-Chang. Both live in Barfield and in the same house together, as they are too young to move away from their parents. Erin is four years older than Jae, and was born in Korea, whereas Jae was born in Barfield.

The nature of Jae and Erin's relationship is like that of a normal sisters' relationship; they don't get violent with each other, but they argue a fair bit. Basically, Jae always does something crazy (often involving Erin's phone) and then Erin gets annoyed at her, although they always forgive each other afterwards - only to argue again.

Though they are rude to each other, both of them would feel bad if they said something to really hurt the other's feelings. The are both friends with Mary Ramms and they started a band together, although things didn't really kick off in the end.

Name Synopsis
Hii Sis! Jae comes home from school, telling Erin about how she met Mary and they're going to start a band together. She says Erin can join. She then asks to play on Erin's phone, Erin says 'no' and Jae walks away, singing.
Grief is a freight train When going for a walk in Barfield, Erin and Jae walk past an ice cream parlour and Erin says they can both have one as long as Jae pays for hers herself. Erin gets confused and a bit disgusted when Jae orders popcorn flavoured ice cream.
All or Nothing Jae Chang cooks Erin Chang a very strange dinner made out of cheese, chicken and chocolate (Jae named it the three ch's salad). Erin thinks that it is very disgusting and says she is leaving to get a glass of water when she is really just leaving because the meal is disgusting.
may the road turn once or twice Jae Chang is singing around the house when Erin tells her that she is singing the wrong lyrics. Jae disagrees which prompts Erin to look it up on the computer, proving Jae wrong.
the purple piano project Erin Chang walks into the kitchen (in her house) and sees Jae Chang playing on her phone, while making garlic and chewy pasta. When Erin asks for her phone back, Jae hands it to her with sticky garlic fingerprints on it and Erin walks away.
i am a warrior, i got thicker skin Jae and Erin discuss getting a pet and decide on getting one the next day as their parents have already consented (according to Jae), and Erin decides that they will get two rabbits.
I got bills Jae and Erin go to the pet shop to look at rabbits and choose two to buy the next day. Jae rushes out of the pet store when she sees a Bubble Tea shop and Erin follows her.
And I didn't know what it meant Jae and Erin go to the supermarket, and crazy things happen.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
Pictures & Fan Art:
  • They both share a love for kpop.
  • Their parents make them go out most Sundays together to get the shopping.

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