No interaction Jane Thomson is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: loved portraying her but she has limited room to grow. might bring her back when I can develop her

Jane M. Thomson
Allison Scagliotti
General Information
Gender: Female
Aliases: Jane
Birthday: March 14, 1995
Age: 18
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Brown
Address: 18 George Street, Miduna Beach
Family & Friends
Family: May Williams (mother)
Jim Thomson (father)
Relationships: True geniuses don't waste their time dating.
Enemies: I do not hate.
Other Information
Interests: All the knowledge that our universe encompasses
Education: Lebeaux University
Miduna Beach High School (previous)
Talent: Intelligence
Weaknesses: People who lack intelligence
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Allison Scagliotti
Portrayer: Cc71
Lumblr Network Profile
Allison Scagliotti

Jane M. Thomson –Lumblr Network Profile
– Student at Lebeaux University

 – Investigating the meaning of life.

Hello. My name is Jane M. Thomson. If you have questions about the universe and beyond, I advise you direct them to me.


I'm a knowledgeable and intelligent girl. Unintelligent people exasperate me.


Mary Williams

Mary Williams is my mother. She is folksy and charming but her relentlessness to bend from traditional ideas aggravates me.

Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson is my father. People say he was an intelligent but careless, egotistical man. He and my mother separated while I was still in grade school.


Nearly two decades ago, my mother was impregnated with my embryo and after a so described long and painful process, I was born on March 14, 1995. How fitting that I was conceived on Pi Day, a celebration of intellect.

I attended Pines Valley Elementary, the local primary school for three years, grades one to three, before being deemed too intelligent for my class. Instead of letting me advance, my traditional mother moved me to Millton Preparatory Academy, a supposedly more challenging school. However, there I was quickly bored with the content of the curriculum. My mother refused to let me skip grades, claiming it would interfere with my childhood. Good grief, who knows what the matter is with her. Why would any mother inhibit the development of a child's intellect? Nonetheless, I digress. I continued at Millton until last year. Finally, despite my burning pleas for her to let me begin undergraduate studies, mother insisted I audition for Hollywood Arts using my speech skills to attempt to live out a normal life at a secondary school. I got in, no surprises, and was stuck at that useless performing arts high school. Luckily, the low amounts of useless coursework allowed me plenty of free time to study the topics of my choosing. Finally, my parents realized that they were wasting my time, and they allowed me to transfer out of that school.

I graduated from Miduna Beach High. It's not much better than Hollywood Arts as a bunch of superficial people are crazy about the beach all the time; however, the good news is I was able to move on to attend Lebeaux University, where the academic standards were higher. I plan to transfer to Barfield Institute of Science and Technology soon if I can find a place in Barfield to live.


I make acquaintances, but most people bore me. Don't take that personally though. It's not your fault that you are what you are. Nature is an immutable thing.

Gwen Price is one of the few people who I can talk to on my intellectual level.