"I think that would be a great story to tell one day. Getting arrested on my seventeenth birthday for skinny dipping."
"Yeah I don't think it'd be very much fun for me because I'm eighteen and you're seventeen and aren't there laws about that?"
- Juliette and Adrian
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Julian is the romantic ship of Juliette Wicks and Adrian Capaldi. The two of them are very horny teenagers who enjoy making out an awful lot, and according to Juliette, Adrian started out as a rebound guy after her breakup with Blue Charleston, but she ended up liking him. They originally met at a senior trip when Adrian was sitting by himself being a loner, and they started getting to know each other, before Juliette made the suggestion of making out in the woods, which obviously wouldn't get them killed. Since then, they have made out in a lot of places, and they probably would have had sex a lot earlier on if it hadn't been for them getting repeatedly cockblocked.

Also both of them are huge losers and they spent a lot of time fighting to see who gets to be on top when they make out. Like, even when they're not making out they still argue about it. What freaks.

Anyway, they eventually had sex on Juliette's birthday at this little abandoned beach shack Juliette knows, after being cockblocked by the return of Juliette's ex-girlfriend, Blue. Then they spent the whole night there together, cuddling. After Blue disappeared again, Juliette got very drunk with Adrian and told him she liked him more than she cared to admit, and Adrian said he liked her too and he wasn't trying to hide it. A little while later, Juliette bought Adrian some chocolate cake for his birthday which he clearly liked a lot. (Probably bc there's a chance he's never had a birthday cake).

At some point they developed from just enjoying making out with each other to actually caring about each other, and they were very cute for a while. This was however, crashed by Juliette having an existential crisis while drunk in a cemetery. She called up Adrian who ignored her saying she was fine and drove over to take care of her, seeing as he was very worried about her. Juliette told him she loved him, which Adrian awkwardly replied with "Uh...yeah." and then a kiss. He took her home to his house and convinced her to go to sleep. After this, she avoided talking to him for a while, before deciding to break up with him because she had a lot of problems and didn't want to drag him into them, even though he insisted that he didn't mind.

Anyway, while they were broken up, Juliette was feeling kinda glum in this only slightly related story, Juliette's friend Diego found out his dad was back in town, and after Juliette tried convincing Diego to go see his dad, Diego made an agreement with Juliette that she had to visit her mum in prison if he met his dad. Juliette reluctantly agreed, and then while she was there, ended up abandoned by Diego and realized she had no one to call other than Adrian, and he offered to come pick her up and then they started talking, before revealing how much they missed each other. They then kissed and made up, and Adrian agreed that if Juliette ever tried to dump him again he had to tell her she was an idiot.

Since then, they seem to be on even happier grounds. Adrian's antisocial attitude tends to soften while he's around Juliette, and he'll usually do things just to make her happy, such as taking her to the zoo and buying her a lollipop and magazine when they were supposed to be only buying cake mix. Juliette is also noticeably more happy, especially after sobering up following their 'break-up'. In November, they realized they'd been together for six months, a new record length relationship for both of them, and they decided to celebrate by attempting to make a cake. After discovering that they had no cake tins in Adrian's apartment, Juliette started making a mess, spreading it on his face, and Adrian admitted that he loved her too.

Name Synopsis
throw you up against the wall Juliette sneaks onto some senior pool trip and meets Adrian, sitting all by himself like the loner he is.
a beat up six string in a second hand store Juliette crashes Adrian's work, and then they go off to the beach to make out.
have you ever wanted to disappear Adrian comes over to Juliette's house for a tour and some more making out.
wild horses couldn't drag me away Adrian gets Juliette some chocolates for her birthday, but then he gets awkwardly cockblocked by Juliette's ex-girlfriend returning.
hit me with your sweet love Juliette and Adrian go off to the beach so they can finish what they started before.
wake me for dessert Juliette wakes up Adrian for his birthday and Adrian reveals how much he loves chocolate cake.
you're gonna go far kid Adrian walks Juliette home from work one night. Sort of.
exhale this night out Juliette calls Adrian while she's drunk in a cemetery and he takes care of her.
with you, i feel again Juliette breaks up with Adrian because she's got a lot of problems.
i don't look for trouble Juliette decides to call up Adrian and he comes to pick her up and they get back together, yay.
listen to your heart Adrian goes by to pick Juliette up and they go to the zoo.
maybe listen to your heart The second part to the previous thread, Juliette and Adrian continue their adventures in the zoo.
that's about the time she walked away from me One of Juliette's roommates has a baby and Juliette invites Adrian over so they can chill with the baby.
picture was on the pack of cigarettes Juliette 'helps' Adrian unpack things in his new apartment by distracting him with horoscopes and her boobs.
i think of you and your marlboro lights Juliette is in one of her moody phases and decides to go for a swim after school, despite not bringing any clothes to change into. Thankfully, Adrian is a good boyfriend and brings her blankets and clothes to keep her warm.
this is gospel for the fallen ones Juliette and Adrian realize they're about to hit their six month anniversary and that they should celebrate by making a cake. Only problem is they are both severely unequipped for making a cake.
it starts at my toes Juliette has a cold and decides to be needy and annoying to Adrian.
butterflies with punctured wings Juliette gets a letter from Blackwood Boarding telling her that she's getting kicked out because she's literally never there. She's worried about telling Adrian, but finally does and he's chill with it. Juliette officially decides to live with Adrian and they make out.
use your words as a comforter Juliette brings a bunch of boxes from the home into Adrian's apartment. She was supposed to unpack, but when Adrian gets home from work, nothing has been accomplished. His neat-freak self is mentally freaking out and he starts trying to get her to do something.
staying home to watch the rain Adrian tells Juliette about his new job interview and they flirt a lot and act really dumb and this thread is really gross. They also go out to eat in celebration.
love me like you do Juliette has been working on a dress all day and tries to convince Adrian to go to prom with her. He keeps saying no. They joke about marriage. There's lots of kissing.
it's more than a feeling Juliette forces Adrian to go to prom with her and Adrian whines a lot.
i love that little lady, i got to be her fool Somehow Adrian and Juliette get married which is super surprising and they wake up the next morning. They're super flirty and gross.
you are my candygirl Juliette is in the kitchen when she remembers that the day is the day of her father's death. She starts grieving for him and Adrian tries to take care of her and make her feel better.
show you how proud i am to be yours Juliette comes home with the great news of getting a brand new job in fashion. Adrian is very happy for her. They're both just very happy and they eat spaghetti while being mean to each other.
you're driving me wild Juliette pesters Adrian for attention and Mini and Blub suck at finishing RPs. (It was Mini this time).
all the best people are crazy Juliette and Adrian make plans to get dinner, but they're both too tired and lazy to go out straight away. (Mini forgot to finish it this time).
tell me why i'm here, dad Adrian has a little catastrophe over the holidays after spending them with his family. Juliette has to comfort him for a change. (Blub forgot to finish it this time).
and the car smells like chocolate Juliette calls Adrian up to her old work so she can give him some cake and they can have a cute final RP.
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  • One time Max Irons played Freya Mavor's father on some TV show and there's an interview of Freya saying that she couldn't find Max Irons attractive because he played her dad and this is important for you to know.

Gold star This ship was voted Biggest OTP in the Summer 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
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