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Portrayer's note: I'm just a sample character. You can't interact with me.

Katherine Jane Maguire
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: May 1, 1993
Lives with: Melanie Kent (roommate)
Address: 14 Main Street, Barfield
Occupation(s): Works at <Sample Restaurant>
Aliases: Kate, Katie, Kath
Family & Friends
Family: Madison Maguire (mother), Joe Maguire (father)
Friends: Melanie Kent
Relationships: Tim Heddon
Other Information
Interests: Soccer
Education: <Sample School>
Weaknesses: Afraid of bugs.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Emily Osment
Kate Maguire (Sample Character Page)

Hi :) I'm Kate.


Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

I mostly dress casual. <insert more detail here>


Madison Maguire

She is my mother. <insert more detail here>

Joe Maguire

He is my father. <insert more detail here>


I've lived in the area my whole life and recently moved to Barfield with my best friend. <insert more detail here>


I'm a friendly girl. <insert more detail here>


Melanie Kent

Mel is my roommate and best friend. <insert more detail here>

Tim Heddon

Tim is my boyfriend. <insert more detail here>


  • I am terrified of bugs.
  • This is a sample page.