No interaction Katie Stone is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: I only really kept her around for Imogen because Katie/Imogen/Darren was one of my favorite ships. But she never really had her own storyline and I don't have any inspiration. I might bring her back someday, but the chances are slimmer than most. She's just floating in existence but not being used as well.

Katie Victoria Stone
General Information
Gender: I guess I'm a female.
Age: 20
Birthday: February 28, 1994
Education: Barfield Institute of Science and Technology
Occupation: Partier, being young, wild, and free, working as a bartender.
Address: 23/D Gilders Road, Barfield
Relationships: I'm as free as a bird.
Housemates: My girls.
Face claim: Miley CyrusPortrayer: TheCoreyyDarnell