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Kina Tare
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: January 4, 1995
Education: Desmond College of the Arts
Occupation: Student at Desmond College of the Arts, part time trainer at Fitness Express
Address: 32 Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach
Relationships: I'm not comfortable giving this information.
Housemates: Eh.
Face claim: Alexandra DaddarioPortrayer: HeyLookItzTanni

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  • i've got my boots

    2 replies
    • {{Jenbubble|Kina, could you run out and get us food?}} {{kinabubble|Why?}} {{jenbubble|Because our refrigeranator is vacant....
    • {{jenbubble|Because I'm getting a job.}} {{kinabubble|Why?}} {{jenbubble|Because of bills.}} {{kinabubble|That is a problem....
  • from ear to fear

    14 replies
    • {{Kinabubble|We leave tomorrow morning.}} {{Jenbubble|For how long?}} {{Kinabubble|Two weeks.}} {{Jenbubble|How did you do this?...
    • {{Kinabubble|We have twelve hours to pack.}} {{Jenbubble|Right.}} -fin-

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