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Lace (L/ucy and Gr/ace) is the sisterly friendship pairing of Grace Forbes and Lucy Hudson. They are cousins. Grace and Lucy are similar in their appearance. Many people tell Lucy that she looks like Grace when she was younger. Even though they have a big age gap, they love each other.
Name Synopsis
yo grace. sup? Grace tells Lucy that she will go on a blind date in a few hours. Lucy hopes that the blind date will be with Ethan. Don't bother reading this RP. It's super boriiing.
so i heard matt likes her Grace finds out that Lucy is going to watch a movie with Matthew Pearson. Lucy denies that she likes him and Grace starts shipping Matt/Lucy.
never say never Lucy and Grace just talk about life and stuff.
facebook instagram tumblr twitter Lucy goes to Grace and Ethan Stone's house to deliver a letter that accidentally got delivered to Lucy's house. Lucy figures out that Grace and Ethan aren't on good terms at the time.
i liek pie Lucy asks Grace about why she moved to her brother Luke's house.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

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