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    June 1998 (San Francisco)
    • Lana is born & named Dylan Jada Coby.

    October 8, 2003 (San Francisco)

    • Lana's dad never picks her up from preschool. Lana hasn't heard from him since.

    April 2005 (San Francisco)

    • Lana's mom gets remarried. Lana moves in with a family of step-siblings she hates.

    November 2005 (San Francisco)

    • Lana's mom gets divorced for the second time.

    August 2007 (Sacramento)

    • Lana's mom gets married for the third time.
    • Lana moves to a new school & gets bullied for her name. She tells people to start calling her Lana and they do.

    July 2009 (Sacramento)

    • Lana's mom gets divorced for the third time & they move again.

    March 2011 (Sacramento)

    • Lana's mom starts dating 'Dick' the worst step-father of them all.

    September 2012 (Sacramento)

    • Lana's mom marries Dick.
    • Dick convinces Nicole to send Lana to military school and she does.
    • Lana starts hanging out with stoners & going out clubbing because she hates her parents.

    December 2013 (Sacramento)

    • Lana's mom announces she is divorcing Dick.
    • Lana gets expelled from her military school for starting a fire in her dorm room.
    • Lana ends up getting homeschooled but spends her time making plans to run away.

    June 2014 (Beverly Hills)

    • Nicole's new boyfriend invites Lana to look at his son's school and see if she wants to attend.
    • Nicole and Gordon Phelps get engaged after Lana gives her blessing.

    September 2014 (Beverly Hills)

    • Lana starts attending boarding school with her new almost-step-brother.
    • Lana starts dating her closeted roommate secretly.

    January 2015 (Beverly Hills)

    • Lana attends her mother's fifth wedding to Gordon Phelps.
    • Lana starts spending weekends with her mother and building up a relationship again.

    March 2015 (Beverly Hills)

    • Lana breaks up with her girlfriend because her girlfriend is afraid of coming out of the closet.
    • Lana starts drinking some more.

    September 2015 (Beverly Hills)

    • Lana hooks up with her ex-girlfriend (who is 'dating' a guy) at a party.
    • Lana and her girlfriend start secretly dating.

    December 2015 (Beverly Hills)

    • A gossip blog forcibly outs Lana's girlfriend and she gets kicked out of her home. Lana invites her to her house for Christmas.
    • The two start publicly dating.
    • Her girlfriend's dad divorces his homophobic wife and invites Lana's girlfriend back home.
    • Lana somehow got really drunk at a party and ended up hundreds of miles away and with a new tattoo of a feather on her ribs.
    January (Beverly Hills)
    • Lana's step-dad gets a promotion in Lebeaux and the family all agree to move.
    • Lana breaks up with her girlfriend and leaves everyone with a bad impression so they won't miss her.

    February 10 (Lebeaux)

    • Lana moves into her new home in Lebeaux.

    February 15 (Lebeaux)

    • Lana's first day at Harrington Grammar School.

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