Lebeaux is a small city, mainly known for being home to Lebeaux University, the most prestigious university in the area, but especially known for its balance of excellence in both the sciences and the humanities.

Outside of the University, there are only a few commercial shops and the famous Lebeaux Shopping Center, featuring the West side, which is located closer to the University and provides a wide selection of stores and food chains at an inexpensive price, especially for students, and the East side, home to many name brand stores and luxury restaurants.

Lebeaux has very few residential neighborhoods, and almost all of the ones that exist are apartments for students at the University.


Street Type Locations on Street
Bailey Place Residential N/A
Blanchard Street Combination Lebeaux Preparatory School
Estelle Bouchard Theater Company
Cupid Road Residential N/A
Gottenham Way Commercial Lebeaux Police Department
Harold Street Residential N/A
Justice Road Combination N/A
Maple Run Residential
Perry Street Commercial Insomniac Cafe
Platinum Club
Pierce Avenue Residential N/A
Rose Avenue Combination N/A
Russell Avenue Residential N/A
Springfield Close Residential N/A
University Avenue Commercial AVM Modeling Agencies
Belle Magazine Headquarters
Lebeaux Shopping Center
Lebeaux University
The Work Out-In
Valentine Avenue Combination N/A
Willow Circle Residential



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