Lebeaux Shopping Center

Lebeaux Shopping Center is the most famous commercial area in Lebeaux. Featuring a West Side and an East Side, LSC offers a wide variety of goods and services for everyone.

West Side

The West Side is the side closest to Lebeaux University, so it offers a wide selection of inexpensive goods which especially attract students.

Store Store Type Employees
Art Studio Store Therese Hepburn
Eternity 21 Clothing Store Brooke Vincent
Inside-Out-Burger Fast Food Chain Freddie Mycroft
Golden Cup Bubble Tea Shop Clara McKay and Riley Briney
OfficeMart Office Supplies Store Easton Frenk
SafeShopping Supermarket Geraldina Bones and Valerie Spencer

East Side

The East Side is home to many name brand stores and luxury restaurants.

Store Store Type Employees
The Filled Table Restaurant Ellie Abrahms