No interaction Leighton Hayes is inactive and can no longer roleplay.
Leighton Hayes
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: August 5th, 1997
Education: University of Miduna Beach
Occupation: Aspiring Psychologist
Address: 54 Cupid Road, Lebeaux
Relationships: None
Housemates: Zoey and Axl Hayes
Face claim: Nina AgdalPortrayer: ForeverTomlinson

Start a Roleplay Roleplays with Leighton Hayes

  • do you recall

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    • {{LeightonTalk|Leighton goes on with her signing}} end here?
    • {{HollySpeech|Holly gets inside and goes off to do her work stuff. The end.}} {{fin}}
  • sparks literally fly

    9 replies
    • {{Sonny Speech| "Oh, you uh look different than you did back there."}}
    • {{LeightonTalk|Leighton looks at her outfit. "I'm not wearing glasses, I'm wearing a dress, heels and I have my hair and mak...

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