Lumblr Network: User Agreement

Before participating on the Lumblr Network, users must adhere to the following rules to maintain the authenticity of a real life social networking site. Consequences will follow if these agreements are not upheld.

  1. Users should not edit the profile or other content pages of another user's character without his or her permission.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    • Follow lists (friends lists)
    • Information
    • Posts
    • Blogs
    • Photos
    Exceptions include:
    • Marking pages with insufficient content
    • Commenting on a post or blog
    • Tagging another character in a photo
    • Editing a friends list to follow the character
    If you see mistakes, it is better to approach the user by clicking the 'send a private message' button than to try to fix it yourself unless that user has been inactive for over two weeks.
  2. Characters may not post or comment on the walls of any character whom that character is not following.
  3. Characters may not reblog blogs by characters whom that character is following.

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