Administration Team

To report a problem, contact one of the administrators.

Administrators and bureaucrats

Minithepeanut wall|contribs (founder)

HeyLookItzTanni wall|contribs (administrator)

InsaneBlueberry wall|contribs (administrator and bureaucrat)

Rollbacks and chat moderators

Katbecrazy wall|contribs (rollback)

What can users with rights do?

Chat moderators

Chat mods are users who have the ability to kick and ban users from chat. Moderators should issue judgements based on common sense, but the person being banned must be told what they did to merit a ban.


Rollbacks are users who have the ability to approve characters, ships, and locations, rollback (revert all edits until the previous editor) edits, protect pages (to prevent editing), delete pages and edit protected pages that are restricted.


Have all of the rights of rollbacks and chat moderators, as well as being able to block users from editing, promote users to chat moderators and edit MediaWiki pages. They can also edit and delete other users' replies to threads, comments on blogs, and highlight, unhighlight and close threads.


Have all of the rights of administrators, as well as the ability to promote users to rollbacks, administrators and bureaucrats.

Requesting rights

Users requesting rights should:

  • be aware that user rights are not merely a title, nor are they meant to provide dictatorship
  • be able to help out in the area they are applying for (e.g. be frequently on chat for a chat moderator)
  • be active a minimum of four days a week for at least an hour (with some exceptions for busy weeks)
  • be aware that their rights are not permanent and may be removed if they are failing to contribute helpfully
  • be able to make rational judgements based on common sense
  • not have any content deemed inappropriate in obvious places (such as their profile)
  • not abuse their rights (such as kicking users repetitively for no reason, protecting pages unnecessarily)
  • treat other users with the same respect that they are being treated with
  • obey the site policies

To nominate yourself or another user for rights, go to Board:Community Voting and start a discussion titled it User rights:<username>. In that thread, give a brief paragraph about why you (or someone else) should be nominated for user rights, and which rights they should be nominated for. If you nominate someone else, they MUST be aware of their nomination.

Conversely, if you would like to resign from your rights, you can simply send a message to a user with the power to demote you, i.e. a bureaucrat for administrator and rollback rights or an administrator for just chat moderator rights. If you feel a user has violated the conditions of requesting rights listed above, you can start a thread in the suggestion box, listing the reason you feel they should be demoted, and a survey may be held, which would require a majority community vote (i.e. over 50% of the active community agree) in order for rights to be removed. </div>

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